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FRYSA plays its fall and spring season games on the grounds of the Frank M. Silvia School at 1899 Meridian St Fall River, MA 02720, US

FRYSA also plays its fall and spring season games at Britland Park at 73 Wordell St Fall River, MA 02723, US

MYSA Regulations

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Regulations



Mass Youth Soccer permits certain players to play for more than one team in a season. The specifics of the Multiple Rostering rules are found in Section 201 of Mass Youth Soccer’s Bylaws.

The following serves as a guideline to the multiple rostering rule:

1. The player must be under the age of 14. Multiple rostering is not permitted for players 14 or older. However, a player who is under the age of 14 may play on an older team without violating this part of the rule.

2. The player cannot play on more than one team in the same competition. For example, it is acceptable to play on a team that is competing for State Cup and another team that is competing for MTOC. It is not acceptable to play on two teams that are competing for State Cup, even if they are in different age groups.

3. The player can only compete on one team that is in a US Youth Soccer competition (State Cup, for example). In general, this prevents a player from playing on two teams in different states.

4. A player may be placed on a tournament roster, playing for a different team for the purposes only of competing in a specific in-state or our-of-state tournament. This is not considered multiple rostering.

To review the actual rule, read Section 201 from the Constitution and Bylaws below:

Section 201. Multiple Rostering

Multiple rostering permits a players to play for more than one team. It is frequently used by higher level players and most often by players involved in National Challenge Cups play. USYSA has established rules for multiple rostering which we adhere to in Massachusetts.

A player may be rostered to more than one team during a playing season with the following restrictions:

  1. The player must be age appropriate to play U14 and below.
  2. A player cannot play for more than one team in the same competition.
  3. A player can play for only one team in any competition sponsored by US Youth Soccer. (i.e. National Challenge Cup)
  4. A player may play on a team in the fall and a different team in the spring.
  5. A player on a Maple team, whose team does not enter state cup, may be rostered to a team for National Challenge cup competition.


A player may be placed on a state roster called a “TOURNAMENT TEAM ONLY ROSTER” without the need for multiple rostering. A TOURNAMENT TEAM exists only for the duration of a tournament and is NOT the player’s primary team.


Mass Youth Soccer recognizes that player development is best advanced by allowing players to compete at the highest possible levels, even if it means playing up in age. At the same time, we recognize that playing up in age is often more appropriate for the older players. The membership of Mass Youth Soccer have attempted to address this issue with respect to players age ten and younger in the context of those players “playing up” in age. The applicable Bylaw is found at Section 217.

In brief, that Bylaw provides that a player age ten or younger is not permitted to play on an Under 11 or older team that participates in a results-oriented format unless one of three criteria are met:

1. The older team would not have sufficient players without the participation of younger players; or
2. The player is being placed on a team with his or her classmates; or
3. The player’s skills justify the placement on an older team.These guidelines require organizations to fulfill certain reporting so that statistical results can be obtained for future analysis. 

It is important to note that this Bylaw applies only to situations where the younger player is being placed on an Under 11 or older team. The Bylaw, itself, is not applicable to other situations. However, a number of Mass Youth Soccer’s organizations have taken the Bylaw and used it as a basis to establish their own rules with respect to players playing up in age. 

To review the actual rule, read Section 217 from the Consitution and Bylaws below:

Section 217.  Under 10 Players Playing Up in Age

Under 10 and younger players will not be permitted to play on a Under 11 or older team in a results oriented format unless the organization through which the player is registered with Mass Youth Soccer determines, and certifies in writing to its parent League, that:

  1. It does not have enough players to field a team in the older age group without the participation of the player; or
  2. The player is being placed on a team with his or her classmates; or
  3. The player’s skills justify the placement.

With respect to any exception under 1-3 above, the responsible organization will notify its parent League of all of the relevant circumstances involving each player.  In turn, at the end of each season, each League will submit a report to the Leagues Committee providing the following information as to each such player:

  1. The exception under which the child was permitted to play;
  2. The school grade and the birth date of the player; and
  3. The age group and the competitive division of the team on which the child played.

At the end of each soccer season year, the Leagues Committee will issue a statistical report as to how many players of each group (U7, U8, U9, U10) played up, the exceptions under which they were allowed to do so, and the age groups, divisions and leagues in which they played.


Mass Youth Soccer recognizes that certain players may compete on two different teams. In doing so, conflicts arise as to which team takes priority in the event there are game, tournament or practice conflicts. 

In attempting to resolve those conflicts, a comprehensive set of guidelines was developed. Players, coaches and parents are urged to familiarize themselves with these guidelines. The guidelines werte developed to allow the player to continue his or her development and play at the highest possible level. At the same time, Mass Youth Soccer recognized the need to provide guidance to resolve conflicts. The player priority guidelines are spelled out in detail in Section 342 of the Bylaws.

In general, the player priority guidelines come into play for:

1. ODP (state team) players of any age who are also on another team roster
2. Players under age 14 who are multiple rostered.

The player priority guidelines do not apply to a player who is age 14 or older and who is not on an ODP team.

The player priority guidelines establish player priority expectations in the following categories: major tournaments; state team (ODP) tryouts; regularly scheduled League games; make-up games; and practices.

To review the actual rule, read Section 342 from the Consitution and Bylaws below:

Section 342. Priority Guide for Multiple Rostered Players

These “priorities of play” are for players who are multiple rostered.  These priorities:

  • Apply to all State Team players – regardless of age – rostered on any other team.
  • Apply to all multiple rostered players aged U14 and younger; but,
    • Do not apply to non-State Team players age U15 and above.

These priorities provide players, coaches and parents with a set of expectations for players rostered to multiple teams.  They have been developed to enable players to rise to their highest level of soccer while affording them access to all levels of play.  It was developed with input from representatives of all types and levels of play within the state.  They have been developed to eliminate such questions as “Who do I play for?, which practice should I attend?, or “what team should I play with on a tournament weekend?” These priorities are to be respected and adhered to by all of the various soccer interests that compete for a player’s attention and time. 

In general terms, a player’s priorities are as follows. 

1. Major Tournaments:

  • Regional ODP Tournament (after Memorial Day)
  • State Cup
  • MTOC and Qualifying Games
  • On a major national holiday weekends:
  • Memorial Day – priority to Premier (MAPLE, MASC) Teams
  • Columbus Day – priority to Town Teams

All other tournaments – players are to alternate attendance in event of scheduled conflict

2. State Team Tryouts (except Sunday afternoons during MAPLE seasons)
3. Regularly scheduled League games
4. Make-up games
5. Practices

However, there exist variations in priority based on the playing season.  So please read and understand each category and how they interrelate.

Soccer Activity Priority List:
1. Regional ODP Tournaments
2. State Cup Tournament
3. MTOC and Qualifying Games
4. State Team Tryouts in summer, fall (other than on Sunday afternoons) and winter seasons only.  Try-out dates must also be established and available through the State Office at least one month in advance.

5. All Games:

State Team – Summer only

  • Premier (MAPLE, MASC) Teams – all year for any games scheduled from 11:00 a.m. on Sunday until dusk
  • MTOC Eligible Town Teams – all year for any games scheduled from Friday afternoon to Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
  • State Team 
  • Non-MTOC Town, or any fall teams other than Premier or winter teams

6. Tournaments:

  • State Team – (summer only) 
  • Premier (MAPLE, MASC) Teams – priority for Memorial Day Weekend only
  • Town Teams – priority for Columbus Day weekend only
  • All other tournaments – players are to alternate attendance in event of conflicts.

7. Practices:

  • State Team – priority during the Spring season.  State Team practice dates must be established and available through the State Office by at least March 15.
  • Premier (MAPLE, MASC) Team – Division 1 only
  • All other teams – players are to alternate attendance in event of schedule conflict